This is Why You Should Look For A Waste Tire Disposal Facility in NJ That Recycles

Do you do your part to recycle? At our waste tire disposal facility in New Jersey, we know that tires can be a huge part of the amount of trash that humans generate—even worse, because most tires don’t get recycled! That’s why we made sure to do our research and find the best tire recycling options in New Jersey before opening our waste tire management facility. If you want to recycle tires in New Jersey, Phoenix Rubber can help you do that! Keep reading to see why it was so important for our tire disposal company, and you, to dispose of tires in a facility that offers recycling.

Used Tire Waste Lasts A Lifetime—Recycled Tires Get New Life!

Tires aren’t the nicest things. They’re made up of a variety of chemicals that are toxic, contaminating, and that last a long time! However, tires and other types of rubber are an important part of keeping modern society running. When tires are just thrown away, that waste can sit in a landfill for years and years, risking contamination to the environment. Responsible waste tire management reduces this impact, but what if you could give those tires a new life? When you work with a waste tire management facility in NJ that recycles tires, your tires will get a new life—and stay out of the waste bin!

Recycling Tires Requires Careful Waste Management Practices

If recycling tires is a good idea, why doesn’t every waste management company offer tire recycling services? Like most of the best things in life, this awesome feature doesn’t come without drawbacks—for the management facility, recycling tires takes careful practice, close attention to detail, and additional effort. The best and most responsible waste tire management companies have equipped ourselves with the staff, tools, and resources needed to make this happen. The other guys… well, not everyone tries so hard.

What do Recycled Tires Get Used For?

Tire recycling services in NJ can turn old tires into all sorts of new things. Most people are familiar with tire recycling that turns old tires into new roads, mixing with the blend of asphalt and road cover materials to “re-pave.” Children’s playgrounds may be “paved” with a recycled tire mix that is sturdy, but softer than asphalt so kids are safer when they fall. Some tires are recycled into new tires, others are broken down for materials used for horses, industrial flooring, and playground equipment.

Who knew your old tires could go so far? Keep in mind, your used tires will only have a second chance in life if you dispose of them at a waste tire facility in NJ that recycles. Call Phoenix Rubber to recycle used tires today!

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