Are You Adding to Climate Change with Your Scrap Tires? Pick Up and Used Waste Tires Safely in NJ

Climate change is on everyone’s mind lately, and no wonder! With so much damage done to our earth, we need to dispose of things properly, including waste tires. New Jersey’s waste tire disposal laws are strict to help you stay on the right side of the earth—but only if you follow the rules. Are you adding to climate change with your scrap tires, or are you working with a responsible waste management company in NJ? Keep reading to see the difference.

Waste Tires Disposal in NJ Must Be Handled Properly

If you live in NJ, your waste tires must be disposed of properly. This means that you cannot burn, bury, blow up, destroy, or otherwise “hide” tires all on your own. You must work with a certified waste management company to dispose of them. This is because tires are just filled with chemicals that could make the earth (and everything living on it) very sick. These chemicals can leak out into the water, soil, and air, so companies that dispose of waste tires are only allowed to do so in certain locations. Even if you don’t care about the long-term effects of the earth, tires are incredibly flammable, producing high-heat, dangerous fires that can and do spread. There are stiff fines for improper tire disposal in NJ!

Tire Recycling is Limited

Recycling is a great choice for your waste, but tire recycling options are limited. If you have a working tire, by all means, sell it or donate it to someone who can use it! However, waste tires that have no more “life” left to them must often be disposed of. There are very limited options to recycle tires, and these are not always very efficient. Your local waste tire management company in NJ can advise if there are suitable recycling facilities in your area, or if you are better of disposing of the tires responsibly.

A Solution For Scrap Tire Management in NJ

Need a strong solution for regular disposal of used tires in NJ? Waste management companies can schedule one-time pickups or regular pickups of your waste tires! Phoenix Rubber is a certified, safe, convenient way to get rid of your used tires. Contact our team today to clear your property of waste tires!

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