Are Your Used Car Tires in NJ Contributing to Global Warming?

If you care about the earth, you should worry about used car tires. New Jersey’s automotive industry is as busy as ever, generating thousands of waste tires daily. Are your used car tires contributing to global warming more than they should be, or are you disposing of them properly? Keep reading to find out the most environmentally-friendly ways to get rid of used tires in NJ and reduce your impact on the earth!

Tire Waste Management in New Jersey
The state of New Jersey has many laws and regulations around the management and disposal of waste tires. This has been in place for decades in order to keep the local air, earth, and water safe—which fortunately protects the world at large. Local laws prohibit people from burning waste tires, throwing them into the regular dumpsters, burying them, or stacking them up on their property. All of those inappropriate tire disposal solutions risk environmental contamination, or could cause other problems—like creating spaces for mosquitos to breed out of control! Following your local waste tire guidelines in NJ gives you the first clue of how to dispose of tires safely.

Can I Recycle My Waste Tires?
Many people call our waste tire management facility in NJ to ask if we recycle tires. It turns out that recycling tires isn’t as easy as many people think it is, which limits the amount of tires that can be recycled. While there are some tire recycling programs in New Jersey, most of our tire facilities focus on safe and environmentally-friendly disposal. You’ll need to call your local waste tire management facility to see if they have resources for tire recycling.

How Do I Choose A Good Tire Disposal Company in NJ?
When choosing a tire disposal company in NJ, you want one that is transparent, open, and convenient. Does your waste tire facility share what happens to their tires? Are they incinerated in a facility, added to a landfill, or repurposed? Is your scrap tire management company licensed and in good standing with the state? Do they offer convenient waste tire disposal, including scheduled pickups? All of these play into your final decision.

Once you’ve found a good waste tire disposal facility in New Jersey, congratulate yourself! You are keeping your space and the world in slightly better condition.

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