How Can You Dispose of Waste Tires In NJ In A Climate-Friendly Manner?

Vehicles aren’t that great for the environment—even the most fuel-friendly ones still produce waste tires. In New Jersey, the disposal of waste tires is a big issue, because old scrap tires aren’t good for the earth. How can you dispose of waste tires in New Jersey in a climate-friendly manner? By contacting a NJ tire waste management company for help!

Can I Throw Old Tires In The Trash?
Never throw waste tires in the trash! At best, you regular trash company will notice the tires, pull them out, and leave them for you to dispose of properly. At worst, nobody will notice the tires, and they could cause major pollution—or even start a fire in the landfill! In between these two extremes is the most likely option—your regular waste management company hits you with a big fine for disposing of tires improperly. Waste tires in NJ must be disposed of by a responsible waste tire management company for personal and planetary safety.

Can’t I Recycle Those Old Tires in New Jersey?
Many people are aware that tires can be recycled. Unfortunately, around the world and in New Jersey, there are far fewer recycling factories than there are used tires to dispose of. Since old rubber decomposes over time, the old tires can’t just “sit around” until they are needed. While recycling is a great option, disposing of waste tires in an effective and efficient manner is much more important.

Do I Have to Pay To Get Rid of Old Tires in NJ?
There is a fee to dispose of used tires at most NJ waste tire management facilities. You may not realize it, but whenever you have a tire changed at the auto shop, that shop pays fees for your old tires to be disposed of. If you’ve saved money by changing your own tires, you need to pay for this cost—just like you pay for the tools you need for a DIY tire change. Fortunately, disposing of waste tires isn’t that expensive.

If you have a set of waste tires or a whole garage full, don’t let them sit around and waste space—or ruin the planet. Call Phoenix Rubber today for an effective waste tire management solution.

Responsible waste and used tire removal/pick up in NJ
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