Don’t Add Scrap Tire Disposal in NJ To Your To-Do List—Schedule Pickup Today!

If you own a business in the auto or bike industry, disposing of scrap tires is part of your job. But do you really have the time to handle all those scrap tires on your own? Why not partner with a responsible waste management company to dispose of those scrap tires responsibly? Keep reading to see why scheduled tire pickup makes sense for your business.

How to Get Ride of Scrap Tires in New Jersey

Scrap tires are a major environmental concern if they are not disposed of properly. The average person doesn’t think much about disposing of their waste tires, because that’s usually done at the shop, dealership, or junkyard. But where does your shop or dealership get rid of scrap tires? That’s where a responsible waste management company like Phoenix Rubber comes in. We specialize in the disposal and recycling of rubber materials, including tires, and we can pick up your scrap tires quickly and easily.

Set it and Forget it—Your Scrap Tire Pickup Date, That Is

Want to make scrap tire disposal even easier? Set a scheduled waste tire pickup date each week, or each month, and we’ll come and get those old tires for you. Once we get set up, you won’t have to worry about, think about, or lug about those tires! This leaves you free to focus on your customers, and leaves your space free for parts, materials, or attractive landscaping.

Tire Recycling is Good For the Earth and Your Sales

When you dispose of tires in New Jersey, you often have the option to recycle those tires. At Phoenix Rubber, we are proud to recycle as much of our scrap tire waste as we can. This is better for the earth, and can boost your sales—your climate-savvy customers will appreciate the knowledge that their scrap tires will be recycled if possible.

Don’t let those old scrap tires lie around and collect rain and snow! Schedule scrap tire pickup in NJ today and get them gone fast!

Responsible waste and used tire removal/pick up in NJ
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