What Can You Do To Get Rid Of Used Car Tires in New Jersey?

Do you have some used car tires sitting around? If you need to get rid of used car tires in New Jersey, you have a few options. Keep reading to find out what your options are—and which options you should never choose!
Toss it in the trash.
If you choose this route, you’re in for some trouble! Most cities, counties, and private trash companies in New Jersey do not dispose of old tires. That means that your trash may not be picked up, or it may result in fines! Even if nobody “catches” your tires, they contribute to toxic landfills. Don’t try this one!
Make art with it.
Keep an eye out, and you’ll surely see some used tire art throughout New Jersey! While a few pieces can be whimsical or attractive, more than that and your yard starts to look like a dump! Keep in mind that old tires can collect water and become breeding grounds for mosquitos, and never use them around edible plants—they can contaminate the soil.
Pay to dispose at a tire company.
Many automotive and tire shops will allow you to dispose of a limited number of tires for a small fee. However, this is not always the best price, and usually cannot be used in the long-term.
Burn it.
No matter what you do, never burn waste tires! They can cause big fires that get very hot from the temperature of rubber and give off highly toxic fumes. You will also be charged with crimes that could include felonies!
Dispose with a tire management company.
Your best bet to get rid of used car tires in New Jersey is to dispose of them properly with a waste tire management company. When you choose a tire disposal facility that is properly equipped to manage tires, you are keeping yourself, your neighbors, and the earth safer—and avoiding costly fees or criminal charges! For just a few tires, or a shop full of tires each week, calling a waste tire management company like Phoenix Rubber to get the job done is the right choice.
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