Did You Get New Tires for a Gift? Here’s Where to Dispose of Used Car Tires in NJ

This holiday season, many people are looking for functional gifts. New car tires are a wonderful gift that promote safety and speed, especially if you can put those tires on yourself. But when you get new car tires for your car, where can you dispose of the used car tires? NJ’s tire waste management experts have answeres!

Dispose of Used Car Tires with a Mechanic’s Shop
If you don’t regularly have waste tires to get rid of, you may find yourself stuck with these old hunks of rubber! In many cases, your local mechanic’s shop or tire shop will dispose of these for you, for a small fee. Tire shops in NJ have ongoing contracts with waste tire management companies, so their tires are being disposed of safely. It will probably cost a little extra for you to drop them off here, especially if you are not having that auto shop put new tires on. They have to make the money somehow!

Contact Your Municipality About Tire Disposal Days
If you don’t want to pay a shop to get rid of your tires, check with your local municipality about tire disposal days. Some counties offer free pickup days for waste tires to reduce cost and environmental impact; others have a fee-based program to dispose of tires. Local dumps are usually not able to accept tires as tires must be disposed of in a different manner than other trash to prevent fires and pollution.

Call a Waste Tire Management Company in NJ for Pickup
The best way to get rid of waste tires, whether you have just four from your vehicle, or a whole yard filled with waste tires, is to call a waste tire management company in NJ. They can even coordinate pickup at your location so you don’t have to lug those big, heavy tires around!

Tires are an important part of your smooth ride, but when they’re trashed, they need to go to a special tire management facility. Get them there easily when you call Phoenix Rubber in New Jersey!

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