Here’s How Much It Can Cost If You Don’t Dispose of Waste Tires Responsibly in NJ

We all know that we should dispose of waste tires in NJ responsibly. But what if you don’t? If nobody is watching, should you just dump your tires somewhere, burn them, or bury them? If the benefits of responsible waste management don’t convince you, maybe these consequences will. Keep reading to see how much it could cost you to dispose of waste tires illegally in NJ.

Fees For Dumping or Burning Waste Tires Could Cost Thousands

New Jersey has a big population, so the regulators are very motivated to keep everyone as safe as possible. This includes strictly regulating scrap tire management. Illegal trash dumping of any kind, including waste tires, can set you back up to $50K, and burning even a single tire can result in a fee of up to $20K! Is it worth it to lose this much money, or could you spend smarter and schedule waste tire pickup services from NJ’s responsible tire disposal facility instead?

Burying Waste Tires Only Buries Your Problems

If you think you can bury your waste tires, think again. First off, this is a daunting task because tires are huge! You’d do a lot more work to bury your trash than to hire a responsible tire management company in NJ to haul them away. Don’t forget, tires leech out many dangerous chemicals as they decompose, contaminating the ground, water, and air. If you have a home nearby or a well anywhere in the vicinity, your trash will not stay buried for long!

Proper Waste Tire Disposal in NJ Is Even More Important For Your Commercial Business

If the penalties above haven’t scared you away, consider this: Commercial businesses are held to even higher standards for proper scrap tire management in NJ, and suffer more severe consequences. On top of those fees and environmental contaminations, your automotive business may be hit with additional fines, fees, and costs—and you may even lose your license. Is all that really worth it compared to managing your used tires appropriately? From our perspective, the solution is easy—don’t try to hide your waste tires! Do the responsible thing and contact your local tire disposal company in NJ to dispose of your waste tires properly. We’ll make your life so much easier and ensure you don’t get any of these penalties.

Responsible waste and used tire removal/pick up in NJ
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