Industry Leaders in Waste Tire Management Share Tips To Protect the Earth

Are you committed to reducing climate change? Are you thinking about your tires? Managing waste tires is a huge part of being an environmentally friendly driver and protecting the earth, but many people do not think about it. Fortunately, industry leaders in waste tire management share tips on how to manage old tires successfully while still protecting the earth. Keep reading to find out how to properly dispose of old tires!
Can I throw old tires in the dumpster?
One of the worst things you can do for the earth, and for your local community, is to fill your regular trash bins and dumpsters with tires! If you’re lucky, all you will get is a big fine from your city, county, or municipal waste management company. If you’re unlucky, you could contribute to environmental contamination and dangerous fires! Dumpsters or other regular trash cans are not meant to dispose of old tires. In New Jersey, this could lead to serious fines for repeat offenders!
Can I recycle old tires?
Many people are interested in recycling old tires and want to know where they can do this. Some tires are able to be recycled at specific waste tire recycling facilities, but not every tire disposal facility can recycle tires, and not every tire can be recycled. Always call your trusted tire disposal facility to ask about where your used tires end up.
Why do we need special treatment for used tires, anyway?
Isn’t all trash the same? Not when we’re talking about waste tires! Tires are just full of chemicals, including many that can leech out of the tires themselves and into the surrounding ground, air, and water supplies. Parking your car on the lawn won’t contaminate it, but years and years of piled up, deteriorating, disposed tires can turn a plot of land into a health hazard! Worse, tires can create very hot, long-burning fires that can spread and burn up a whole neighborhood. That’s why you should always dispose of your waste tires properly, by calling a waste tire management company in NJ to help.
Do you have tires to get rid of? Whether you have a set from an old vehicle, dozens from your auto shop, or regular waste tires to dispose of, Phoenix Rubber can help! Call today to find out how to dispose of large or small amounts of waste tires in NJ.

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