Where Can You Legally Dispose of Used Tires in New Jersey? Waste Management Companies Share Tips

If you live in New Jersey and need to dispose of used tires, your options are somewhat limited. In order to preserve the planet and make the world safe, used tire disposal in NJ is strictly regulated. Appropriate waste management companies that deal with used waste tires are your best option, but keep reading to see the “do’s and don’ts” of proper used tired disposal in NJ.

Do: Recycle a few used tires for projects
If you have a used tire or two and want to make a tire swing for the kids, used tire planter for the backyard, or another “upcycle” project, this is a great way to conserve resources! Most municipalities have no problem with scrap tires being used in this manner, as long as they are attractive and disposed of when they start looking shabby.

Don’t: Burn tires
In no situation should you ever burn used tires—or new tires. Burning tires puts lots of dangerous contaminants in the air, making it dangerous for you to breathe, and runs a major risk of causing a fire that is difficult to extinguish. It is also highly illegal in most places!

Do: Coordinate with a used tire waste management company in NJ to dispose of tires
If you have used tires to get rid of, you should call a waste management company in NJ that is properly certified to manage

Don’t: Hoard tires
Tires are constantly disintegrating, shedding particles of rubber and other contaminants. Worse, they provide perfect breeding ground for mosquitos, especially in damp places like New Jersey. And even if you don’t go out of your way to burn tires, tire piles can catch fire all on their own in the summer with warm temperatures, dry climates, and high winds. There is no benefit to hoarding tires!

Do: Schedule convenient tire disposal pickup in NJ
If you own an auto shop, tire company, or vehicle business, you may have a lot of used tires to dispose of on a regular basis. When you schedule convenient tire disposal services in NJ, a company can come right to your location to pick up and dispose of those tires.

Are you ready to manage your waste tires responsibly? Phoenix Rubber in NJ is a certified waste management specialist prepared to handle your scrap tires. Call today to coordinate a one-time or regular pickup!

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