Phoenix Rubber Answers All Your Used Tire and Waste Management Questions!

Most people don’t give any thought to used tires—NJ’s waste management facilities handle those, right? For the average person, your used tires are probably left at the tire shop and never thought about again, but if you work in the tire field, have a lot of DIY auto projects, or care deeply about the environment, keep reading for some answers to common used tire questions.

What happens to used car tires in NJ?
When you dispose of scrap tires in NJ, waste management companies handle these differently. This sometimes includes recycling, but more often involves responsible waste management to reduce the impact of disposal on the earth.

Can I handle my own tire waste in NJ?
Tire waste management is strictly regulated throughout the US, and especially in NJ. Waste tire disposal must be handled carefully, by a licensed tire waste management company, to ensure community safety.

Can I be fined for improper waste tire disposal?
You absolutely can! Waste tires disposal in NJ is very carefully monitored, and you could be fined for things like dumping tires in the trash, burning tires, burying tires, or dumping tires into waterways.

If I can’t DIY my tires, who can pick up my scrap tires?
A scrap tire management plan is the best idea to dispose of scrap tires in NJ. When you work with a professional scrap tire management company, you can easily get rid of scrap tires without worrying about getting a fine or polluting the earth!

How do I schedule a scrap tire pickup in NJ?
Removing scrap tires from your home or business is so easy! Just call your local tire disposal company and schedule a pickup near you. Your tire company may dispose of these tires responsibly, or may send them to a recycling facility.

Ready to get rid of waste tires now? Call Phoenix Rubber to schedule a one-time or regular pickup of scrap tires in NJ!

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