Celebrate Earth Day When You Schedule Responsible Waste Tire Disposal in NJ

The team at Phoenix Rubber in NJ wishes you a happy Earth Day this month! Coming up on April 22nd, those who care (or those who just love holidays) will take a moment to reflect on our planet and the care we take of it. Of course, for the staff at our waste tire disposal facility in NJ, this is something we think about almost every day! Keep reading to see how responsible waste tire disposal in NJ can be part of your Earth Day plans.

Old Scrap Tires Are Bad for The Earth
Unless a tire blows out, you probably don’t think much about those black rubber treads—even though you go through hundreds in a lifetime! From small tires like those on bicycles, to the massive tires that semi-trucks use, to the regular old tires on your car or truck, tires are relatively new to the world—and not very good for it. While the rubber tree is natural, most of the other components of a standard tire come from manufactured chemicals, and can be very dangerous for the earth. Disposed of improperly, old scrap tires can pollute the air, water, and soil. That’s why you need to take those old scrap tires to a responsible waste tire management facility in NJ!

How To Recycle Old Car Tires in NJ?
It would be wonderful if we could recycle all the old car tires in NJ. While some companies have found ways to reuse old car tires for roadwork or other materials, the cold hard fact about tire recycling is that it takes a lot of energy and resources—far more than our current need to get rid of old scrap tires. Even the best intentions do not make those tires get recycled, so we must stick with the next best solution—disposing of the waste tires safely and in an approved manner.

Dispose of Tires Safely and Responsibly To Decrease Your Impact
When you dispose of old scrap tires with a responsible waste management facility, you are helping to protect the earth. Instead of releasing the chemicals from the waste tires into the environment, these tires are safely disposed of through various means and removed from your community. If you own an auto shop or other business that generates lots of used tires, you can make this process easier on yourself when you schedule regular waste tire pickup.
Responsible waste tire management offers the safest solution to protect our earth. If you have scrap tires lying around, don’t let them break down and contaminate our planet—call Phoenix Rubber to schedule responsible waste tire pickup.

Responsible waste and used tire removal/pick up in NJ
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