Scrap Tire Management in NJ Is Easy With A Responsible Waste Management Company

Can you tell the future? New Jersey’s best responsible waste management companies can make some good, educated guesses about the future of used car tires in New Jersey! Will your scrap tires end up turning into something new, being disposed of responsibly, or clogging up the earth with pollution? You have to know what happens with tires when they get disposed!

Best Bet: Tire Recycling Options in NJ
When environmental stewards have tires to dispose of, they hope that they will be able to recycle these. Have you heard news stories about firms that recycle waste tires in NJ into new tires, construction materials, or warm coats for those in need? These tire recycling facilities exist, but are few and far between, and many are overwhelmed. Always check with your local waste management company to discuss tire disposal.

Usual Scenario: Waste Tires are Disposed of Properly and Safely
While most tires in NJ do not get recycled, the best waste tire disposal companies in NJ can assure you that your tires will be disposed of safely and responsibly. This means that safety is prioritized for tire waste, including air, water, and ground contamination. Tire disposal facilities may be located in busy urban or suburban areas and then take the tires to a more remote area for final disposal, or may have a dedicated place to safely dispose of waste tires.

Worse Case: Tire Waste in New Jersey Pollutes When Disposed Of Improperly
The worst thing you can do with used tires in NJ is to try to “get rid of them” yourself. Burning, burying, or sinking tires into the waterways not only creates an eyesore, these irresponsible tire disposal methods pollute the air, earth, and waterways. As tires break down, they can release thousands of poisonous chemicals into the world. For all that work, you may even be hit with a fine from your city or county.

Don’t pollute the earth and put yourself at risk! When you have scrap tires from your car or other vehicles, make sure to work with a responsible waste management company in NJ to get these handled appropriately.

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