Scrap Tire Management in NJ is Highly Regulated—Are You in Compliance?

If you live in New Jersey, you know our state has many rules to keep people and the environment safe. For scrap tire management companies in NJ, this means careful attention to detail, filing of paperwork, and following the best practice indicated by the state and relevant counties to make sure that used tires end up where they belong. If you own an automotive shop, tire repair shop, or any other business that generates a lot of used or waste tires, you need to make sure you are disposing of your used tires properly. Are you making any of these scrap tire management mistakes?

Tire Pile

Does your business or property have a big pile of used tires stacked up? These are huge fire risks and encourage mosquitoes and other pests to breed. Yuck! Even worse, a big pile of used or waste tires in NJ can lead to big fines. Don’t just let tires stack up—call a tire disposal facility in NJ to get rid of them!

Burning or Burying

If you think you can hide that pile of tires by burying it underground, drowning it in the river, or setting it ablaze—think again! While these solutions may work in the short term, they run the risk of causing an out-of-control fire, contaminating your ground, or contaminating the water supply. Definitely not worth it! If you get caught doing this, you can face hefty fines. Instead, contact your NJ tire waste management company to discuss removal options.


You aren’t supposed to throw tires in the dumpster. So, what about putting them in someone else’s dumpster? This is another big mistake, especially for business professionals. “Dumping” environmental contaminants (into landfills, dumpsters, or anywhere else) is a crime and can come with stiff fines.
What are you supposed to do with your used tires? Fine a responsible tire waste management company in NJ to get rid of them. Whether the tires are re-used, recycled, or completely disposed of, a proper tire facility will do so safely and legally.

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