Commit to Climate-Friendly Tire Disposal Services in NJ for 2023

As the holiday and gift-giving seasons wind down, the team at Phoenix Rubber in New Jersey is thinking about giving back to the earth. Can tire disposal services in New Jersey be climate-friendly? When done right, they certainly can be. Keep reading to find out how to dispose of waste tires properly this year, and do the earth a favor.

Why are Waste Tires Bad for the Environment?
To start understanding why a waste tire management company in NJ would be so concerned about the earth, let’s talk a little bit about why these tires are bad for the environment. The rubber that is used to make car tires is filled with many chemicals that help the tires work better in hot and cold weather, make your ride smoother, and make your tires last longer. Unfortunately, when these chemicals break down over time, they get released into the natural environment. Air, water, and soil can be contaminated by old, rotting tires. Waste tires can also increase your risk for dangerous fires, and provide a perfect place for mosquitos to breed. That’s why you need a responsible tire waste disposal company in NJ to get rid of them.

How Do Responsible Waste Management Companies in NJ Protect the Earth?
When you call a responsible waste management company in NJ to dispose of waste tires, you can breathe a sigh of relief—and clean air! Our waste tires are always disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly manner, with attention paid to the earth, water, and air surrounding our disposal. We take every safety precaution to keep you and your neighborhood safe.

Don’t Scrap Tires in New Jersey Get Recycled?
Many people hope that their scrap tires can be recycled in New Jersey, but that’s not as easy as most people think. Only a few facilities exist to properly recycle tires, and there are only limited uses for these recycled tires. While we would love to recycle everything, it is not possible, so tire disposal facilities in NJ help to fill the gap by disposing of waste tires in the best way we can.

Whether you have a few old tires for pickup, or if you would like to schedule regular waste tire pickup for your NJ business, the team at Phoenix Rubber is committed to handling these with as little hassle to you and as little burden on the environment as we can. Call today to dispose of waste tires in NJ.

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