Used Car Tires in NJ Crush the Climate. Are You Disposing Them Properly?

You care about the earth, right? What about your used car tires? New Jersey’s top waste tire management companies know that scrap tires can be a dirty, polluting business—that’s why we stay on top of the best regulations for used tire disposal. Keep reading to make sure you’re managing your used car tires in NJ effectively.

Waste Tire Disposal in NJ

If you drive a car, you’re making used car tires. This can be unsettling, especially if are determinedly cutting down waste by using reusable grocery bags, switching to a washable straw, or just keeping your carbon footprint in mind. Unfortunately, there are few alternatives to tires, so you need to make sure you dispose of them properly. Never toss a tire in the trash, burn it, or roll it into the woods—and definitely don’t dump it on the highway! Always contact a responsible waste management company to handle y our waste tires.

Schedule Scrap Tire Management in NJ

For the average consumer, scrap tires are mostly handled by the automotive shop. But what should you do if you work on cars yourself and find yourself with a little stack of scrap tires? You may be surprised to find out that tire and auto shops usually will not accept more than a few tires—and this may come with a steep fee if you are not buying new tires or getting new work done. For the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution, call a tire disposal company in NJ to manage these tires.

Recurring Pickups Make Used Car Tire Disposal Easy

Where do tires go after tire shops and automotive repair places take them off your car? Hopefully, to a responsible waste tire facility. If you own a shop that has frequent used car tires to dispose of, you should schedule a regular used tire pickup service in NJ. This ensures that old tires don’t pile up on your property, attracting mosquitos and angering the neighbors. Even better, the sooner you get those tires to the waste management facility, the less they pollute the earth.

For one-time pickup or regular management of waste tires in NJ, call Phoenix Rubber!

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